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(Pocket-lint) - Your HTC One (M8) might soon boast a bunch more camera tricks beyond bokeh and pseudo-3D.

The HTC One (M8) has two cameras. And HTC wants you to know what they're capable of doing (apart from gimmicky features). The best way to demonstrate the Duo Camera's ability and power is to give developers access. HTC has therefore released a Dual Lens SDK Preview. It's available for download today and includes libraries, sample projects, and JavaDoc API documentation.

Developers will need to create an HTCDev account before downloading the SDK: "Our hope is that developers will use this SDK to tap into the power of the Duo Camera and come up with their own cool, creative ideas for the depth sensor. Use of the SDK is free and open to any developer," announced HTC in a statement to Pocket-lint.

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While that sounds all fine and dandy, you're probably wondering what the new SDK mean for consumers. Well, if developers use the SDK to create third-party apps and software, which specifically take advantage of the Duo Camera, you will have a lot more photo features available to your HTC One (M8).

More photo features and software and apps made just for the HTC One (M8) will likely lead to more smartphone sales for HTC, and it will definitely lead to more interesting things to do with your new flagship handset and its two fancy cameras.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 16 April 2014.