HTC has officially revealed the new HTC One (M8) smartphone in a video explaining the difference between an UltraPixel - the sensor format adopted by the firm - and a megapixel - the format adopted by everybody else. Naturally, with over two weeks left to go before the phone's 25 March unveiling, HTC doesn't want to spoil its own thunder so has pixelated the handset and bleeped over any details, but if nothing else, the clip confirms that the camera will be referred to as an UltraPixel one.

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To be honest, the HTC Technical Translations #3: UltraPixel video is just a fun teaser for the new phone and its launch event. However, it does help explain (a little) the benefit of an UltraPixel - more surface area so more light can be read by the sensor and therefore the camera works better in low-light conditions.

The company has been releasing different tech teasers in the last week and we expect at least one more to come before the official launch. For now, here's the UltraPixel teaser. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below...