(Pocket-lint) - HTC has developed a light-up, hole-covered cover/case for the new HTC One that will launch later this month, according to EvLeaks.

The often reliable tipster posted a photo of the cover/case on Twitter, showing a plastic piece covering the front of the screen that shows the time and weather conditions. It's not clear if it always stays on, but we assume that's the case. Who would want an LED time, when you could just power on your screen? Having it always on at a glance could be useful.

There wasn't any pricing or availability provided with the image. It showed a plastic covering for the back for protection, and once again highlights the dual-camera and dual-flash for HTC's next-generation handset that we've heard so much about.

EvLeaks also added that HTC will make its new HTC One available in a Google Play Edition, like the first HTC One. The Google Play Edition means it rids of HTC's custom Sense 6 software on top of Android 4.4 KitKat, and opts for the purest form of Android instead. It's also available on Google Play.

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Of course, this is all just rumour right now, but we won't be waiting much longer for things to become official. HTC is holding a press event for the new HTC One to be unveiled on 25 March. Pocket-lint will be live to bring you the latest.

Do you think the light-up case is practical?

Writing by Jake Smith.