HTC has posted its unaudited fourth quarter 2013 financial results and, as expected, suffered a dip in profits that resulted in a negative balance on operating profit.

However, there is an improvement over the previous quarter and the company has given its strongest official hint yet that a new flagship phone is on the way to turn around fortunes.

"We will continue to stay focused on making the best smartphone,” said Peter Chou, its CEO.

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The company will also look to expand its presence with mid-range handsets. It will also open up clearer communication channels with its smartphone users. “We are going to communicate better with consumers,” Chou added.

The HTC One has been critically revered worldwide for its design and usability, and launches of other handsets in the range have not prevented HTC posting an operating loss of NT$1.6 billion (£32.2 million) for the quarter.

A new HTC One handset (codenamed M8) is rumoured to be being released in late March, so should affect the Q2 2014 balance sheet of the Taiwanese company.