The first alleged screenshot of the user interface set to launch on HTC's next HTC M8 flagship smartphone has leaked, thanks to EvLeaks.

Presumably what we're seeing is Sense 6.0, if the rumours are to be believed. It looks to bring a redesign to HTC's Blinkfeed software that sits behind apps on the main Android home screen, giving users a quick glimpse of their life curated from their social networks and various accounts from around the web.

Additionally, the leaked screenshot shows on-screen buttons, which gels well with rumours that have noted the HTC M8 will ditch the HTC One's capacitive buttons and go for an on-screen approach instead.

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We're still light on a lot of details for the HTC M8, but we suspect they will come in masses leading up the device's launch. Currently, the rumour-mill is pointing to a late-March launch for the handset - and you guessed it - HTC is remaining quiet on whether that's true or not.

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