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(Pocket-lint) - HTC's woes continue with its latest revenue report, with the HTC One max, the company's larger version of the HTC One, failing to help reverse the company's fortunes.

Once one of the leading forces in the mobile phone industry in both popularity and sales, HTC has slowly seen that lead drift away over the last three years after the company failed to capitalise on the success of the HTC Desire.

Although the HTC One has been critically acclaimed - it won Pocket-lint's best smartphone award for 2013 - customers on the high street seem to be choosing Samsung and others when it comes to parting with their cash.

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The picture looks even more grim when you look at monthly revenue reports over the last three years.

The latest Christmas quarterly results (seen in the graph above in NT$ millions) are a long way down from the company's 2011 performance.

HTC did have some reprieve in May in 2013, presumably from the global release of the HTC One, but sales look to have shrunk rather than expanded since then.

The company missed expected revenue targets for the latest quarter however managed to make a $10m profit in the quarter, helped by the sale of its stake in Beats headphones.

It looks like even more is riding on the success of the next version of the HTC One, due to be announced in February, if HTC is to avoid a fate similar to BlackBerry and Nokia.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 5 January 2014.