The rumour mill has been a busy place for the last few years but nobody mentions where the original leaks come from, more often than not. Now three key officials at HTC have been formally charged and could go to jail for a decade.

VP of product design Thomas Chien, R&D director Wu Hung and senior manager Justin Huang, all of HTC China, have been charged for leaking sensitive information and worse.

Leaking sensitive HTC intellectual property obviously wasn't enough as the above three were also allegedly scamming HTC out of close to a million dollars through fake contracts. Formal indictments have now been put into motion, threatening the three with jail sentences of up to 10 years.

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Justin Huang was said to be one of the first people to sketch the now legendary HTC One. A sad business indeed. And at a time when HTC is having financial struggles it’s not going to help the company any more.

Here’s hoping HTC continues to innovate with groundbreaking technology and that is enough to take the company from strength to strength.