HTC has a new marketing ploy that involves a free 24-carat gold HTC One, and all you have to do to is upload a photo to a Time Square billboard for a chance to win this limited-edition flagship device.

Just visit the HTC in NYC page and upload your photo for a chance to appear on a Times Square billboard in Manhattan. Every photo uploaded will be entered into a prize draw, and HTC will choose someone every week to win an HTC One.

There will also be two grand prizes of a 24-carat gold-plated HTC One. The gold handset is valued at over $2,500 (£1,530), and you'll be entered to win it whether or not you appear on HTC's billboard.

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A similar gold-plated HTC One appeared in October as part of HTC's sponsorship of the MOBO Awards 18, where five 18-carat devices were specially created in partnership with Goldgenie and presented to very lucky winners.

HTC also recently announced that a gold HTC would finally become widely available to the UK and Europe, though it won't be cloaked in real gold. If you want the real deal, head over to HTC's contest page. Anyone in the UK can enter if they wish.