HTC will have to stop selling its HTC One mini smartphone in the UK from 6 December, a judge has ruled in a London hearing. The company has been found to have infringed patents held by Nokia in some of the microchips used inside the phone.

Judge Richard Arnold also ruled that technologies inside the HTC One also breach Nokia's patent, but has delayed an injunction on the HTC One to allow the Taiwanese manufacturer time to organise an appeal.

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"Nokia is also claiming financial compensation for the infringement of this patent," said Nokia in a statement.

As reported by Bloomberg, HTC had argued that the chips found to have infringed on Nokia's patents were "a very small component" and therefore didn't justify a sales ban. Judge Arnold disagreed in the London case hearing.

It was revealed that HTC has sold around 750,000 smartphones in the UK between January and September, reaping about £221 million for the company.

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