It was always a dog famed for being man's best friend but in the modern age it seems the mobile is taking on that fluffy mantle

The Florida petrol station attendant  was being robbed when he was shot. The criminal took out a revolver and demanded the contents of the safe, but since the man and his co-worker were unable to open it, the attacker ran, firing a single parting shot. It wasn't until after the police arrived that the man realised he'd been hit.

Complaining of chest pains, he felt and realised his phone had taken a bullet for him and stopped it before getting to his body. We knew HTC made them strong with the likes of the HTC One but this is just ridiculous.

Police Lieutenant Allen said: "I've seen individuals get shot with low-calibre handguns and I've seen it be life ending. So for this gentleman to be as lucky as he is, it's a good day for us." And for the HTC marketing team, it would seem.

htc evo 3d stops bullet and saves man s life image 2