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(Pocket-lint) - After leaked part shots emerged from China last week, many have speculated that HTC is to go "gold" with its HTC One in much the same way Apple has with the iPhone 5S. Since then, reports have come from Russia claiming that the gold HTC One is, in fact, a 24-carat gold limited model soon to be launched in the country for 99,990 roubles (£1,945). It isn't.

The listing and pictures that some have mistaken for an official HTC release are actually of a 24-carat gold custom HTC One being sold by Gold Genie, the company that regularly gold-plates gadgets and devices. It lists a gold HTC One for £1,895 and also offers a platinum or rose gold edition.

One hint that points to the source is that it even says Gold Genie on the rear of the handset in the pictures. It's small but still visible.

Gold Genie's HTC One's are legitimate phones, but the gold effect is added after. They are not part of HTC's official plans.

The gold parts that may or may not exist in China are not related.

Still, if you have just shy of two grand in your pocket and are looking for something a little different from the standard gold-plated iPhone now you know where to get one.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 September 2013.