(Pocket-lint) - When is blue not blue? When it's metallic blue. That's the message coming out of HTC which has confirmed that the HTC One Metallic Blue smartphone announced in the US exclusive to Best Buy is a different hue of blue when compared to the HTC One Vivid Blue announced in the UK as an exclusive to Carphone Warehouse at the start of September.

"PSA: The 'Metallic Blue' HTC One announced today is a slightly deeper shade than the 'Vivid Blue' announced in Europe last week. Not same." wrote Jeff Gordon, HTC's social communities manager on Twitter.


The UK's Vivid Blue HTC One is more turquoise in colour

Although it's hard to tell at first glance, if you look closely at the pictures on HTC's own site compared to our own hands-on with the phone, official press shots show a darker blue compared to the more turquoise blue as seen in the UK.

That's handy, seeing as in the US the phone will be a Best Buy exclusive on 15 September. Best Buy's corporate colours? That's right a darker shade of blue. 

The phone will be available on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon and is identical to the standard silver, black and red versions of the popular Android flagship smartphone. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.