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(Pocket-lint) - Whether it's the front-facing speakers of the HTC One, or the tie-in with Beats Audio, HTC always prides itself on producing a good sound on its phones when it comes to listening to music.

It's surprising then that we recently found ourselves in a private briefing with HTC ahead of IFA 2013 where a company spokesman was telling us it wasn't as good as it should or could be. Isn't that slightly off-message? 

It turns out that while the stereo speakers on the HTC One are very good, the sound they produce can now be enhanced further by the introduction of the HTC BoomBass, a small cube that measures 64 x 64 x 64mm and can be connected to the phone.

Pocket-linthtc boombass hands on bringing bass to boomsound image 3

The idea is that the BoomBass acts as a subwoofer for your phone, enhancing the bass and doubling as a stand.

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In practice, it works very well. Slide the base of the BoomBass open to reveal a stand for your phone, tap your HTC One on to the top of the speaker and NFC does the rest, pairing the two instantly. Technology within the speaker knows how far away the phone is and corrects the bass accordingly, bringing enhanced richness and depth to the audio of your device.

Pocket-linthtc boombass hands on bringing bass to boomsound image 4

The HTC BoomBass speaker has a built-in battery (1200mAh), but is still very light, although disappointingly you can't steal battery power from it to give your phone a little more juice at the end of the day when you are running low. That battery will deliver around 9 hours of music and 120 hours of standby waiting for you to press play on your phone. 

It's expected in October, but HTC has yet to set a price for the new device. Either way, if you like your music and feel that the HTC One is lacking in the bass department, then this might just be the accessory for you.

Writing by Stuart Miles.