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(Pocket-lint) - HTC could be planning a Windows Phone 8-powered One variant that uses the GDR3 update for the operating system. Rumours point to a device based very closely on the HTC One's design, but not an exact copy.

Display size is said to be between 4 to 5 inches, although sources speaking to Neowin haven't confirmed an accurate measurement. The body is said to be made predominantly from metal and sporting the inevitable Beats Audio logo.

Excitingly, the GDR3 update for Windows Phone is said also to be included. The update is said to bring new live tiles, quad-core support and the ability to use 1080p displays.

Rumours point to an autumn release for the Windows Phone powered HTC One. No word yet on whether UltraPixel technology from the One will be translated across, but in previous conversations with HTC, the company had suggested that it wouldn't be.

"We are equally committed to the Windows platform, so we will do what we can," said Symon Whitehorn, who worked on the development of the HTC One camera, in an earlier interview with Pocket-lint, telling us that "there are no current plans to migrate" the One's camera features to Windows Phone.

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Expect the new HTC Windows Phone 8 device to arrive around the same time as the GDR3 update, along with a range of other phones from the competition.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 24 June 2013.