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(Pocket-lint) - In May we broke the news that HTC was lining up a larger version of the award-winning HTC One. Codenamed the T6, the expansive device has now been named as the HTC One Max.

That is if you believe the details dropped in a JP Morgan research note, as reported by Focus Taiwan. According to the report, Alvin Kwock, an analyst at the firm, stated that many carriers are interested in the HTC One Max smartphone.

Up till now, that's not a product name we've heard. HTC's most obvious option – which would have been HTC One XL – can't be used because that device already exists as a variant of 2012's HTC One X, the model that added 4G LTE.

Adding Max to the end of a name might be reminiscent of Motorola, which has previously rolled out the Motorola RAZR Maxx.

Our sources originally revealed that the HTC One Max would land with similar specs to the current HTC One, but with a 5.9-inch display to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Subsequently there has been an almost constant stream of leaks and speculation, leading to a mish-mash of specs, including all the next-gen components you could possibly throw into a smartphone, and Key Lime Pie to boot.

We'll be keeping an eye on the HTC One Max and trying to separate the fact from the fiction, so stay tuned. Until then, why not read our HTC One review?

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Writing by Chris Hall.