Verizon Wireless finally announced on Monday that it would launch the HTC One on its 4G LTE network.

The US carrier tweeted that the handset would come "later this summer". There are no details about whether Verizon will brand the device with its Droid marque, and there is no specific information on pricing or a release date, but today's news means all big four carriers in the states will officially support the HTC One soon.

verizon wireless htc one to launch later this summer image 2

Google and HTC confirmed in May that there would be an HTC One Google Edition, or "HTC One with Nexus user experience". This is the second "Google Edition" device announced that strips away the manufacturer's user interface and replaces it with stock Android, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition was the first handset.

It is currently unknown if Google and HTC's recent announcement will affect - or is even related to - Verizon's upcoming HTC One offering.