Hot on the heals of HTC's announcement of a Google Edition of the HTC One, new information gives us reason to believe existing HTC One owners might be able to take the same stock route in the near future.

A HTC spokesperson gave Pocket-lint an interesting bit of information (and hope), by saying: "We're taking a look at what, if anything, makes sense for early adopters of the One who want a stock Android experience."

In theory, instead of buying new hardware it would be as simple as flipping a software switch on the handset to turn off Sense (if HTC decided to do it). Interestingly, the Google Edition of the HTC One is priced the same as the Sense version.

There still isn't much in the way of specifics from HTC - it's staying pretty tight-lipped. But it's pretty interesting that the company is considering taking a different route for customers who don't prefer the Sense software that comes by default on its smartphones and is known for bugging down what Android could be. 

Furthermore, HTC told The Verge similar today when it got some hands-on time with the stock version of the HTC One. No specifics were given, but there may be a glimmer of hope down the road if you find yourself digging stock Android over Sense. 

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