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(Pocket-lint) - HTC has managed to sell 5 million One handsets since the phone was launched in April this year. While that is a significant number and it shows how HTC's internal turmoil might not necessarily be due to sales, it is half what the Galaxy S4 has managed in a month.

Samsung's new flagship handset passed the 10 million sales mark in less than a month of its being on sale. Compare this with the Galaxy S3 which took 50 days to make the same number, and you get the impression that HTC really is struggling to compete against the Korean manufacturer.

Recent weeks have seen HTC's internal structure in turmoil, as top-level executives rapidly leave the company. Only yesterday, former product strategy manager Eric Lin tweeted "To all my friends still at @HTC - just quit. leave now. it’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear."

Chief product officer Kouji Kodera has now also departed the company, leaving many wondering which direction HTC will take next. The company has been in a steady path of decline over the past two years as it struggles to take back Android market share from Samsung.

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Reviews of the HTC One have been nothing but stellar. We gave the phone a full five-star rating. The general consensus is that the HTC One is a great phone, but the buying public has clearly opted for the Samsung.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.