HTC has issued a response to the allegations that Samsung paid students to discredit the Taiwanese company’s smartphones, saying it was disappointed that its rival would stoop to such measures.

“We are disappointed that a competitor would resort to misleading consumers to discredit our innovation,” HTC said to Pocket-lint in an emailed statement. “HTC values its product innovation and design, and we will take appropriate actions to protect the interests of the company and our customers. “

It is claimed that Samsung paid students in HTC’s native country, Taiwan, to post negative articles about the manufacturer’s handsets. It has been reported that the Fair Trade Commission in the country is investigating any wrong doing. “The case was set up last week after we received complaints," said Fair Trade Commission spokesman Sun Lih-chyun to the Associated Free Press.

If the allegations are upheld, Samsung could face fines of up to NT$25 million (£550,000).

Samsung Taiwan has reported apologised on its Facebook page for “any inconvenience and confusion from the internet event. Samsung Taiwan has halted all internet marketing such as posting articles on websites.”