If you're stateside and looking for a bit of extra storage on your HTC One, AT&T will be your destination. The nation's second largest has announced that it will get the "exclusive" 64GB of HTC's next-flagship. 

In a video on its YouTube the account, the carrier made it clear that no other carrier stateside would get the added storage. We knew the 64GB version was out there, it's just the exclusive part we weren't so sure about. 

We suspect only hardcore users will want to get the larger version, as 64GB of space seems a bit much even for the biggest media junkies. HTC will also be making available a 32GB version on T-Mobile and Sprint in the US. 

In other HTC One news, it still remains unclear if Verizon will get its hands-on the new flagship or carry an update version of the HTC Droid DNA instead. 

Leaker @EvLeaks posted on Twitter that leaks from mobile phone insurer Asurion indicated the HTC One is indeed coming to Verizon. AllThingsD previously reported the same.

We've reached out to AT&T to get a bit more clarification on the 64GB model and availability. It remains unclear specifically when HTC's next-generation flagship will go live stateside.