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(Pocket-lint) - With the launch of the HTC One, HTC is rolling out a fancy new camera feature called Zoe. Zoe will mash-up your stills, bringing things together in a zero-edit video, and we’ve see some great results so far at the launch event.

Pulling the whole thing together will be a website for sharing this stuff. It’s called Zoe Share and it’s live right now.

Landing on the site front page basically gives you nothing, but if you happen to have the link to a “Zoe”, you’ll be able to watch it there.

Fortunately, Zoes seem to be pretty easy to find, just by searching for "zoeshare". A straight Google search returns an example, but of course, we don’t know whether the person who shot it knows that Google has indexed "Ben's 18th Birthday" for the world to see.

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Twitter, however, is more accommodating. You can find and watch various examples, showing off some of the different themes that Zoe Camera offers, just by searching.

The great thing is that when it stops playing, you get a layout of photos that make-up the Zoe, and occasionally they’ll move, rather like the paintings at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. Because Zoe Camera works by buffering live content through the camera, it gives you video and still.

You can click to play the video Zoe itself, or click on the photos and browse them as a slideshow, so it looks like a great way of sharing an experience with the wider world. There’s also a map included, so you can click and see where the action took place.

The HTC One goes on sale on 15 March, so those phones out there in the wild are probably in the hands of HTC execs and network partners. As the HTC One is launching on just about every network, that’s quite a few handsets, although these pre-production models probably don’t have final software installed.

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We’ve found a few examples (here and here) that you might want to glance at, but we’ve already noticed there are some examples of straight photo sharing on Zoe Share.

Writing by Chris Hall.