Pictures of someone using what is alleged to be the new HTC One phone ahead of its official launch today have appeared online.

Spotted outside the New York City leg of the official launch event by Engadget, a masked-out person was using a handset the site claims to be the HTC One to take pictures of his own. It's not clear whether the owner is a HTC employee or a journalist who got his hands on one early, accidentally breaking any embargoes that might be in place. But this is a great spot for the American website - if it's genuine, that is.

Our guess is that it was in the hands of someone from the press department stateside.

htc one caught in the wild ahead of launch  image 2

The HTC One is expected to launch very soon. Pocket-lint is at the London leg of the event, which will launch the device simultaneously with the US. We will bring you all the news as it happens, including definitive pics.

UPDATE Slash Gear has also taken its own snap of a man holding the phone, which it strongly believes is the HTC One. The man, the site claims, is a HTC employee.

htc one caught in the wild ahead of launch  image 3

Pics: Engadget