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(Pocket-lint) - The HTC One has arrived, bringing with it the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. This means a top of the line 1080p screen, some clever camera tech and plenty more. HTC has confirmed that, unfortunately, HTC One UK availability has been slightly delayed. Instead of the original 15 March date, we're looking at the end of March, or early April instead.

As is the case with any good superphone, it is vital you rush out to the shops and pick one up as soon as possible. So where can you get the HTC One and how much does it cost? Read on to find out all you need to know about pricing and availability of the HTC One.

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O2 will be offering the HTC One, currently on pre-order, with 2 April given as the availability date. You'll be able to get the HTC One on a number of O2 deals. If you're after a free handset, you'll want the O2 On & On deal, costing £47 a month, giving you unlimited calls, unlimited messages and 2GB of data month on a 24-month contract.

You can pre-order from o2.co.uk/shop.


Best iPhone 13 deals on EE

The HTC One is an LTE handset so is a touch more pricey on EE's network than others. It will be £69.99 for the phone on a £41 a month, 24-month contract. This includes 1GB of 4G data to play with as well as unlimited UK calls and texts.

You can pre-order from shop.ee.co.uk.


Three is listing the HTC One availabilty as 28 March. Available in silver and black, the HTC One is available on two 24-month plans. Unlimited Internet 500 gives all-you-can-eat data, 500 minutes of talktime and 5,000 texts for £34 per month, with the phone costing £69. The One Plan also has AYCE data and has 2,000 minutes of talktime on any network, 5,000 minutes Three-to-Three, and 5,000 texts for £36 per month, with the phone also costing £69.

There is also a PAYG option, with the phone costing £479.99.

You can pre-order from three.co.uk/Discover/New_HTC_Phone.


Vodafone will be ranging the HTC One as one of its "4G-ready" handsets. That means it will work on an LTE plan when Vodafone launches its UK 4G network. Until then, the phone will also work on Vodafone's existing 3G network. Vodafone are offering the silver and black versions of the handset and you can get the handset free on £42 a month on 24-month contracts. That gives you unlimited calls and messages, and 2G of data. There's currently no date, just that it will be "2-3 weeks".

You can pre-order from shop.vodafone.co.uk.

Phones 4u

Even though it is a flagship phone for HTC, Phones 4u will be offering the HTC One for free on a £36 a month contract from 15 March. It is inviting pre-orders now. Plus, the first 50 customers to pre-order the smartphone from today from the dedicated VIP pre-ordering zone at the Phones 4u Oxford Street store from today, as well as the first 200 customers to pre-orders online with Phones 4u, will receive a free Pioneer A3 XW-SMA3-K wireless sound system, with free UR Beats headphones and Double-Dip Flip case.

Phones 4u will also be offering exclusive product demos in its Oxford Street, London store. It is the only retailer offering the service. 

You can pre-order from phones4u.co.uk.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is offering the first 1,000 people to pre-order it free Beats headphones. It invites interested customers to call the sales team's hotline on 0800 925 925 (in the UK, natch). It has updated the availability date to be 2 April.

You can pre-order from carphonewarehouse.co.uk.

Sim free

HTC has the phone priced up on its website at £519.99 Sim free on its website. Not cheap we know, but then this is no ordinary phone.

You can pre-order from htc.com

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.