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(Pocket-lint) - There has been no shortage of leaks surrounding the next-generation HTC flagship handset, recently named the HTC One, having also been known as the HTC M7.

The leaked picture, coming from the aptly named @evleaks Twitter account that has reliably leaked details on a number of handsets, could be the final design for the HTC One.

At first glance, the white handset looks a lot like the iPhone 5, although without seeing the final product it’s impossible to judge just how similar they might be, if this is, in fact, the real deal.

Notably, it looks nothing like the purported photo of the HTC One previously seen, but matches the overall design of a previously leaked render from the same source. In fact, we think it’s the same image but with the screen details restored.

There are a couple of distinct HTC design elements displayed, namely the microdrilled speaker grills. HTC itself teased that the next HTC device would "kick off a new sound experience" perhaps front-facing stereo speakers would be just that. We recently broke the news that karaoke is on the agenda for the next HTC handset.

However, the real interest is in the display and what’s shown or not shown. Beneath the display are two navigation controls, home and back. There’s no sign of the normal recent apps button, instead the HTC logo is central. That’s no great problem, as recent apps could be a secondary function on the home button, as it is on Samsung Android phones.

The date on the display of the phone is given as Tues 19 Feb - fine, that’s the HTC One launch date, and HTC often put the date on its press photos for launch. It also shows the location as London.

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Moving on, the displayed Facebook images give little away, unless HTC is working on some sort of refined social feed aggregator. The icons on the bottom also look different from those in HTC Sense 4+, the latest iteration, being much simpler.

Of course, this could just be an excited fanboy patching together pieces to create his own future phone. However, there’s one detail in the image above that’s wildly inaccurate: it shows the temperature as 20C and overcast.

Never in a million years will it be that warm in London in February: it’ll be 9C, raining and we'll be there, at the London launch on 19th to bring you nothing but fact, in our thermals.

Writing by Chris Hall.