While not a groundbreaking piece of photography by any means, an alleged photo taken from the upcoming HTC One has surfaced on Flickr. If true, this may be our first look at HTC's new UltraPixel technology in action.

Pocket-lint exclusively reported that HTC will be using a new camera sensor in the HTC One (codenamed the HTC M7) made up of "ultrapixels". The technology consists of three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers combined to give a resulting single image. Three lots of 4.3 may add up to around 13-megapixels, but images from HTC's latest won't be output at that larger size. You can see the photo uploaded below.

htc one ultrapixel camera seen in action  image 1

The EXIF data in the Flickr photo gives another hint of the rumoured HTC One final name and gives some camera specifics that photography junkies may appreciate. The largest version of the photo is 1158 x 2048, but it may be a resized version. Not much else can be discerned from the photo.

HTC is set to tell all at its 19 February event in London, where it is expected to announce the HTC One. Pocket-lint will be covering the event to bring you the latest.