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(Pocket-lint) - The next generation of HTC superphone, dubbed the HTC M7, will be known as the HTC One when it comes to market, if new information is to be believed.

The information comes via a post on Twitter from @evleaks, who has proved to be a reliable source of information on a number of handsets in the past.

The information clashes with the previous appearance of the HTC M7 in the Carphone Warehouse inventory system, which was sent to Pocket-lint, along with confirmation that the company had never listed devices under codenames.

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Then there's the instance of HTC CEO Peter Chou standing on stage chanting the name "M7" to gathered staff. So while the M7 designation is obviously applicable to the forthcoming device, it might be that HTC is actually going good on it's 2012 promise of keeping things simple.

With the launch of the HTC One family - the One X, One S and One V - HTC outlined a simpler strategy. At the time, James Atkins, head of UK marketing at HTC, told us: "It's a bit of a new HTC, an new way of thinking about how we talk to consumers." That message was reiterated by Peter Chou when launching the devices at Mobile World Congress 2012 (pictured above).

But that didn't come to pass as many expected, with numerous devices launched with varying specs and prices, and little in the way of consistency.

But there is sense in the HTC One moniker, should that prove to be true. It would make for a standout device, a simple naming strategy. And we can't help noticing that the current HTC One X simply says "HTC One" on start-up.

Whatever the name turns out to be - HTC M7 or HTC One - we'll be bringing you the news live from the launch on 19 February.

Writing by Chris Hall.