HTC has introduced a new accessory for its Butterfly handset in China, that can conveniently be used for making calls without pulling the handset out of your pocket. 

Reminding us of an old-style dumbphone or TV remote control, the accessory - dubbed the "mini" - can pair with a Butterfly via Bluetooth or NFC.

Capabilities of the mini are pretty cool: users can make phone calls, send text messages, capture pictures, play music, and even find the handset if lost, thanks to a Find My iPhone-like feature.

There are several watches on the market that offer similar features, including the Pebble smartwatch that has gained a ton of traction lately

If you choose to use your Butterfly as media streamer via HDMI to your television set, you can also sit back and control content from your couch.

There's no word on when this accessory might land for the Droid DNA (the Butterfly's twin brother), available stateside. UK folks are still waiting on the arrival of the Butterfly.

Maybe we'll hear more at Mobile World Congress 2013 in late-February.