HTC 8X owners are starting to see a new update to their Windows Phone 8 phone that adds a couple of new features and some bug fixes.

Dubbed Portico by Microsoft - remember, every update has to finish in an "o" for some reason - the new update brings with it the new Always on Wi-Fi option as spotted in the HTC 8S, as well as, SMS Drafts, SMS Call reject and select all for mass deletion. There are, of course, bug fixes along the way too.  

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As you might expect, SMS reject allows you to send a boiler plate text message to those who phone you but whom you can't answer. Auto suggestions include "I'll call you back." and "Please text me". You will  be able to type your own message too.

According to WPCentral who spotted the update for the international version of the phone (that's the one in the UK), the update will take around 10 minutes to do and won't affect the data on the phone.

It is expected that the over-the-air update will be rolling out to other Windows Phone 8 devices shortly.

We will keep you posted.