(Pocket-lint) - When Pocket-lint ran a story on the official announcement for the Verizon-exclusive HTC Droid DNA, we surmised that the UK (and rest of the world) would get a similar, but not identical variant. And that it would no doubt include a change in the name, as the Droid DNA was itself a variant of the HTC J Butterfly released in Japan earlier in the year.

The end result, it seems, is the HTC Deluxe DLX, of which a number of fancy pics have apparently been leaked to GSMArena. We hope they're genuine, because the 5-inch Android phone is a bit of a looker, regardless of its massive size.

One thing we're sure will turn out not to be true, however, is the full name. We reckon it'll just be the HTC DLX or HTC Deluxe, considering one is a shortened version of the other.

Other specifications, claims GSMArena's source, include the same 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as the Droid DNA and J Butterfly, and 2GB of RAM. There's no hint of whether it will include a card slot in order to expand the on-board storage over the resident 16GB - unlike the Verizon device - nor do we know a street date as yet, but we'll bring you more as HTC firms up details.

Writing by Rik Henderson.