The eagerly anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X has finally arrived.

We've yet to receive the update on the HTC One X we have in our hands, but Android Central reports that they've been told it's going out to handsets in Asia and Europe first.

The HTC One X was launched in February 2012 on Ice Cream Sandwich, with owners clamouring for the update as soon as Google pulled the covers off Jelly Bean in August.

The update fits nicely with landing of the HTC One X+, which brings a minor hardware update to the handset but, importantly, launches with Jelly Bean and Sense 4+ which is also part of the update. 

You can expect to see a range of improvements to the software, from general tidying up, rearrangement of some of the menus and some obvious additions like Google Now.

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We've been through what you get in a lot of detail, so while you're waiting for the update to land, you can read all about it.