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(Pocket-lint) - Both the HTC One S and HTC One X phones will receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS update starting in October, HTC has confirmed.

At the announcement of the HTC One X+, which ships with Jelly Bean, Graham Wheeler, director of product management at HTC, told reporters that the Android update for the two earlier HTC One series handsets would take place during the last few months of 2012. HTC CEO Peter Chou has said the updates will happen from October, but it seems that November might be more realistic for those waiting with their fingers hovered over the Check for Update button.

At the same time both phones along with the HTC One XL - which itself already sports Jelly Bean - will also receive an update to the user interface to bring them HTC Sense 4+. This heralds only subtle changes, as outlined in our HTC One X+ preview and pictures article here.

Users can look forward to an enhanced Gallery app, featuring a way of viewing your images by location; a camera app that you can go straight to from standby without having to unlock; and an update of the movie rental service to HTC Watch 2.0, which will allow for better multiscreen sharing with your television as well as direct access to relevant movie-related apps.

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Writing by Dan Sung.