Pocket-lint has been told that a concept picture of what is purported to be the HTC One X 5 is in fact the real deal. 

A user called Danny Tu posted the single image on Flickr. After initially getting the tech fraternity into a spin with HTC perhaps inadvertently leaking its next-gen flagship model, speculation arose that the picture was just a conceptual image. 

Now Pocket-lint has it on good authority that the image is indeed real and that the HTC One X 5 will be unveiled in the coming months. 

As Engadget speculates, it’s a fair assumption that the number “5” in the name of the phone refers to the size of the screen and the Flickr image certainly supports the theory that the phone will have a larger and noticeably longer screen than previous members of the One family. 

The image also shows the homescreen skinned with HTC’s own Sense user interface, while the back of the phone reveals that the handset will again be fitted with Beats Audio.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to bring you up to speed with when and what we can expect from the HTC One X 5.