HTC has teased its Facebook followers with a new image of device that is expected to launch today, Wednesday 19 September, and kick start the company's Windows Phone 8 push.

The teaser includes the corner of a new phone, with the time 10:08 in the same font Microsoft uses for Windows Phone 8. The picture merely says 19.9 on it. 

But while HTC is teasing, leaked photos on the internet suggest the new phone will be the HTC 8X. Previously codenamed the HTC Accord, Pocket-lint has confirmed with its own sources that HTC plans to release the HTC 8X and HTC 8S at its event in New York City.

What's new in Windows Phone 8?

Leaked pictures to show what the new device could look like, if they are real, suggesting a large screen and the three standard Windows Phone 8 buttons. The time on the screen on the phone is Saturday 15 September, and while this can be faked - by adjusting the time in the settings, it seems a strange move to do so with such a random date. That suggests that if the leak is genuine, this is the real deal. 

Windows Phone 8X by HTC (formerly the HTC Accord) in new specs leak

"If you need an even more solid proof revealing the looks of the HTC Accord, look no further than this photo that just arrived in our inbox, courtesy of an anonymous tipster," says "The smartphone is branded for Verizon and has support for the carrier's 4G LTE network.

"Without a doubt, the HTC Accord will ship with Windows Phone 8 on board and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, just like the remainder of WP8 handsets scheduled to launch before the year's end." 

The HTC 8X is expected to be announced at the NYC event which kicks off around 4pm UK time.