HTC has asked a number of publications to save the date on 19 September "to see what's next" in New York, prompting us to believe it will be the official release of the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 devices. 

The invite, which is fairly simple, features two circles that could easily be seen to represent an "8". If that wasn't enough, the date also ties in with previous rumours that HTC would be holding its Windows Phone 8 event around mid-September. 

Rumours have already surfaced that HTC is working on a device currently codenamed the HTC Accord, but that Pocket-lint believes will be called the HTC 8X. On Tuesday Pocket-lint also confirmed that a second device, the HTC 8S to join the HTC 8X as Windows Phone 8, will also be announced at the event in New York City. 

The news comes as Nokia is preparing to announce its Windows Phone 8 offering, also in New York, on 5 September.

Pocket-lint will be sure to bring you all the latest information as it happens from both events.