The HTC accord, currently rumoured to be HTC's next Windows Phone 8 phone expected at the end of September, could be called the HTC X8 - or to be precise the Windows Phone X8 by HTC, if documents leaked on Twitter are to be believed. 

the htc 8x the final name for the htc accord  image 3

The naming comes from what is claimed to be the front page of the quick guide manual for the new phone. Leaked by XDA developers user Football4PDA, it's the same person that leaked the image of the HTC Accord last week as well as being the same person who leaked the diagram of the phone showing the docking port, volume buttons and other details. 

the htc 8x the final name for the htc accord  image 2

In that diagram, which looks to have come from the same quick guide, it shows that the phone will have a dedicated camera button, feature the standard back, start, and search button, and a front-facing camera. The phone will also come with a notification LED, so BlackBerry users switching over will still be happy. 

While there is no official confirmation that these images are real, or even correct, Football4PDA has been correct before. 

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