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(Pocket-lint) - HTC is said to be gearing up for the launch of its first Windows Phone 8 handsets in the third week of September.

WPDang claims to have received information from two independent sources that the HTC Zenith, HTC Accord and HTC Rio will all officially be revealed then, around a month before Windows Phone 8 devices start getting shipped out

The website has also listed specs for each of the three handsets, all of which match those leaked on 21 June, the day after Windows Phone 8 was revealed to the world at the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco. 

The HTC Zenith looks to be the hero device of the three with the larger 4.7-inch display, 8-megapixel sensor camera and so far unnamed quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

However, the HTC Accord and the HTC Rio aren’t to be sniffed at either. The Accord is said to have a 4.3-inch display, again an 8-megapixel sensor camera and a dual-core processor, while the Rio sports a four-inch WVGA display, 5-megapixel camera and Snapdragon S4 Plus line processor.

HTC looks set to be the second phone manufacturer to officially unveil Windows Phone 8 devices, being pipped to the post by Nokia who look set to reveal their offering at the Nokia World event that begins on 5 September.

UPDATE Pocket-lint's source, who is very much in the know when it comes to all things Windows Phone 8, has told us that an October unveil is more likely. On the plus side this means we should have less of a wait to get our hands on the phones following the Windows Phone 8 rollout, rumoured to be 26 October.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.