Several specifications of what could turn out to be the HTC One X2 have been leaked and, remarkably, sources claim it could hit the UK on 1 October.

UK tech site reports its Taiwanese source saying that the HTC Endeavour C2 - the purported codename for the One X2 (the first One X was named Endeavour before launch) - will come with a quad-core 1.7GHz processor, improved battery, new colour and bundled UrBeats earbuds.

The site also states that its design will not be a million miles away from the current One X, with the source confirming that HTC's current accessory range will fit the new model.

Clearvoice and HTC's proprietary video-on-demand service, HTC Watch 2, will also be present.

If the release date is genuine, at least we won't have to wait to find out more details. It'll certainly be interesting discover if the leaked Endeavour C2 is in fact the One X2, the same as the previously leaked 5-inch 1080p device, or simply an upgraded version of the One X.

What do you think? Is it too soon to update the HTC One X, a phone that put the company back on the map? Let us know in the comments below...