Bad news for HTC, as customers have been complaining about lag and Wi-Fi connection problems with the manufacturer's flagship One X handset.

In something akin to déjà vu, some users maintain that these issues can be overcome by squeezing the phone in a certain manner.

Could the HTC One X really have its own “death grip” problem a la the iPhone 4?

HTC has been made aware of the issues and is asking customers who have experienced problems with their One X to contact them via their XDA thread

The HTC One X has received criticism in the past for a below-average battery life, something the manufacturer put down to a software bug that it subsequently remedied with an update

Unfortunately for HTC it appears it’s not just the One X that has been suffering, with some One S users also claiming their phone repeatedly crashes when it struggles to lock on to a weak phone signal.

Have you suffered problems with your HTC One X or HTC One S? Let us know how.