According to HTC, women prefer white smartphones.

A sweeping statement perhaps but it’s an approach the manufacturer hopes will crack a segment of the market it claims is far more difficult to appeal to than men.

With men far more likely to purchase a smartphone than women, HTC hopes the likes of the One X in white will appeal to the fairer sex.

HTC was talking at the Frequencies event in Seattle, where Pocket-lint heard the manufacturer elaborate further on its approach to colour.

The professional - the go-getter who wants to show they mean business, favours black and darker coloured phones.

We assume HTC isn't saying women can't be professionals too.

Though more adventurous colours are often due to arrangements with various operators, HTC added that they tend to be the choice of kids.

As smartphones tend to be bought by people with money, in other words adults, this might explain why HTC has favoured white, black and grey of late.

That said you’ll soon be able to add some colour to your HTC One Series phones with the manufacturer unveiling a range of colorful cases.

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