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(Pocket-lint) - HTC claims the majority of its users would prefer a slimmer body over better battery life, and explain why its super skinny One Series struggles to get through a day without charge.

At an event in Seattle, with Pocket-lint in attendance, Bjorn Kilburn, the man in charge of HTC’s Portfolio Strategy, said there must be a balance between form factor and battery life, but that ultimately something has to give.

In the case of the HTC One Series, and in particular the One S, that sacrifice lies with the battery.

The HTC Onc Series has received criticism for its battery life, with the One X not escaping complaint because of a software bug affecting early One X models, which has recently bee identified and subsequently fixed.

"With all this power and a huge screen, you'd expect the battery to be the area where the phone critically fails. The 1800mAh cell might not be the largest when set alongside rivals from Motorola, but it performs pretty well in reality," Chris Hall, Pocket-lint's editor said in his HTC One X review.

"It saw us through a long working day with plenty of calls and data use, along with typical use of the camera and some HD video capture, offering around 13 hours of use. If you work it hard, play a lot of games on your commute, constantly listen to music or make lots of calls, you'll see the battery fall away, but it's better than we expected. On light days, we've had no battery worries at all, but you'll still be charging every night."

With no specific software update planned to improve the battery life for any of the One Series, users will just have to take heart from their phone’s size zero credentials.

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It’s what you wanted right? Right?

Would you opt for a slimmer phone over a better battery life? Let us know your thoughts.

Writing by Danny Brogan.