The HTC One X goes on sale today and the good news is all the major operators are selling it. But who’s got the best deal?

All five of the big networks are offering the phone free so long as you sign up to a 24-month contract.

Pocket-lint has dug around to find the cheapest deals to help you make up your mind. Obviously the more you pay, the more you’ll get, but some of these are certainly worth considering.

For £41 a month on a 24-month contract, Vodafone will offer you 900 minutes, plus unlimited texts. In terms of data, so long as you remain under the 1GB cap you won’t have to pay extra.

Another £41 24-month deal, only sign up to the Full Monty tariff and you’ll enjoy unlimited calls, texts and data. At the time of writing T-Mobile’s online store was still only taking pre-orders. But T-Mobile has informed us that the phone is on sale now in stores.

With the HTC One X available for free for just £35 a month (again on a 24-month contract) Three has one of the most appealing deals in terms of cost. However, though you’ll have unlimited data, your free minutes will be capped at 500, as will your free texts.

Unlimited calls and texts for just £36 a month on a 24-month contract and O2’s deal catches the eye. Yet if you’re a heavy internet user be warned, go over your free 1GB limit and you’ll start racking up the pounds.

Orange’s Panther 41 tariff offers the phone free, on a £41 a month two-yearly plan. This will give you 900 free minutes, unlimited texts and up to 1GB free internet.

If none of these appeals and you’re happy with your current tariff, Amazon is selling the HTC One X SIM free for £489.99.

Failing that the HTC One S also goes on sale today. While not as feature packed, it is available on more wallet-friendly tariffs.

Have you bought the HTC One X? Let us know what you think.