HTC has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it plans to launch new Windows Phone devices when Microsoft reveals the public availability of Windows Phone Apollo later in the year.

"For Windows Phone we haven't decided on the branding yet, but you will see a new range of Windows Phones from us when Microsoft release their new Apollo operating system," Kouji Kodera, HTC's chief product officer, told Pocket-lint when asked whether the company would be launching a WP7 handset as a part of the new HTC One range.

Kodera also confirmed that the HTC Titan II - announced at CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year -would be venturing out of the US and to countries that had an LTE network.

Although he didn't give specifics, he did mention Australia as one country that would be getting the giant phone from HTC. Sadly, the UK doesn't have an LTE network as yet, so it's unlikely to make it to Blighty.

HTC has been a big supporter of Windows Phone since the beginning, but has seen Nokia come in and take the number one spot for the OS in the last quarter, thanks to strong sales of the Nokia Lumia 800.