HTC is the latest smartphone manufacturer to start using micro SIM for its phones, the company has confirmed.

The format - first used by Apple with the iPad in 2010 - will feature on the company's new HTC One X and HTC One S smartphones, announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday night.

It is the first time HTC has embraced the technology. In what is presumably a space-saving exercise, it has also ditched microSD support for the One X and One S phones.

However the micro SIM will not be making it to the HTC One V, which HTC has confirmed will stick with the standard, larger-sized SIM.

Why isn't he company fully embracing the micro SIM standard? It told Pocket-lint that the HTC One V is geared towards a market that might want to use it as a pay-as-you-go handset and therefore need to be able to swap their SIMs.

Manufacturers across the board have been jumping on the smaller SIM after realising that by doing so they can continue to miniaturise the tech in the handset. HTC joins Motorola, Apple and Nokia, who already offer micro SIM handsets. 

What is a micro-SIM?