After a quick look at this leaked picture of a HTC Windows Phone 7 handset, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd been peeking at a HTC Titan.

But take a closer look at the top edge where the logo is slightly bigger and where the front facing camera is a bit more prominent. And the side, where the buttons are in a different position. And not to mention the back which is completely ruddy different.

Yes HTC lovers, this is purportedly the rumoured HTC Radiant - one of the three handsets that was recently unofficially declared as a débutante 4G Windows Phone 7 device.

There are no spec details as of yet of the handset that is expected for be part of the LTE WP7 launch trio on AT&T alongside the Nokia Lumia 900 Ace and the shy-at-present Samsung Mendel.

With CES just around the corner though, we're expecting a barrage of unofficially detailed devices to hit officialdom and wouldn't be surprised to see a number of Windows Phone LTE devices on show in Vegas. So watch this space for all the juicy, and official, details.