Smartphones are so easy to use even Lizards are getting in on the action to keep themselves entertained.

We've seen the videos of toddlers using iPads, cats and dogs riding robotic vacuum cleaners, but what about the one where the Bearded Dragon plays a game on its owners smartphone?

This YouTube video uploaded in November shows a Bearded Dragon Lizard playing Ant Crusher on what looks to be a HTC Sensation, using its tongue to squash the ants as they walk down the screen.

It seems that as well as reacting to your fingers, the HTC touchscreen is also happy to react to a tongue; although if you end up trying it we'd recommend having a tissue handy for that quick wipe down.

How does the little fella do? Well not amazingly, but good enough to give you a run for your money.

UPDATE: Looks like an African Bullfrog owner tried the same, but with not such a happy ending.