Could the HTC Edge be the first smartphone to come rocking with Nvidia's Tegra 3 power behind it?

Quite possibly, if reports and a professional looking picture are to be believed. has dropped some juicy details on the supposed Kal-El device; one which definitely looks like being a heavyweight contender should it ever become a reality.

And that's because it's packing the quad-core setup that Tegra 3 affords - so four 1.5GHz chips doing all the hard-work. Other than that, specs should be pretty similar to the recently announced HTC Rezound, albeit with a bigger screen at 4.7 inches.

At a purported 10mm+ thick, the Edge is no skinny-minny, but with Beats Audio, Bluetooth 4.0 and possibly even HTC Sense 4.0 - there's plenty to get excited about.

There's a lack of 4G action, just 21Mbps HSDPA, but this could be a good thing when it comes to the chances of a UK launch.

No word on the Android version, but if it does arrive in Q1 or Q2 next year, as is estimated, and it's not rocking Ice Cream Sandwich we'd be surprised.

Watch this space...