HTC's Sensation XE, the suped up sequel to its flagship Sensation handset, has been given the fanboy treatment.

In the 3-minute-long, fan-made advert we get a complete video tour of everything the Sensation XE has to offer, including the new Beats functionality. It is most definitely worth watching for those considering picking up the new handset. 

The Sensation XE itself features a bumped up dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 768MB of RAM to play with, plenty if you are looking to push Android to its limit. You also get an improved battery life, a definite must given the issues the original Sensation faced.

The included Beats accessories also add to the package and feature heavily in the fan-made video. Both the earphones and headphones are shown off. 

Thanks to AndroidHD for an awesome (if lengthy) video tour of the new HTC handset.