HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, has reaffirmed his relationship with Google following the company's proposed acquisition of mobile giant Motorola.

Chou told the Wall Street Journal he planned to, "leverage partnerships" with Google and Microsoft whilst the company created something unique in the smartphone ecosystem.

HTC is planning to release a slew of handsets before the end of the year, with no less than eight new phones due to be announced. The company has also pulled in over 1000 new R&D staff, which many believed hinted at the possible development of a home-made HTC OS.

"This acquisition is more to enhance Google's patent portfolio, to support us, to protect us..." said Chou. Clearly HTC is not as concerned with the Googorola pact as you might have expected. The company continues to feud with Apple over patents and the more technology over on Android's side the better for everyone attempting to compete. 

"It’s not the operating system, it’s the ecosystem…We think we can find a way to differentiate to add value, but at the same time leverage our partners, Google and Microsoft, since we have such a great relationship with them." Chou explained.

Keeping operating system providers happy is key to HTC's success, after all many now associate the company with Android and nothing else. Developing its own OS, whilst providing a nice fall back in case relations with Microsoft or Google broke down, would be hugely difficult to bring to market, particularly given the strength of Android and Apple. 

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