Another day and yet another HTC handset leak. Actually, this leak is on the same day as the previous HTC leak - the HTC Holiday - but you get the picture.

Last time we had word of the HTC Ruby, there wasn't much word at all. In fact, even the blurrycam pictures that took the leaked shots of the handset must have been having an off-day as they weren't up to the usual (awful) standard.

But now we've some more detailed specs (and a teaser pic) to go with the Ruby label. And, compared to the Holiday device - this one looks even more of a potential HTC flagship Android device.

A 1.5GHz dual core chip for starters, with 1GB of RAM. The screen, like the Holiday's is qHD but is a smidgen smaller at 4.3 inches. There's an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 2-megapixel one on the front.

Apparently due for a T-Mobile US launch later this year, there's still nowt official, so take the potential spec sheet with a pinch of salt.