HTC boss Peter Chou has just outlined his vision of the mobile industry. And whilst the Taiwanese company's rivals continue to focus of cameras and displays when it comes to smartphone manufacturing, Chou is keen to point out that one key ingredient of focus is missing - sound.

That is why, he said during a conference call that Pocket-lint was dialled into, his company has opted to invest heavily and team up with Beats.

"Quality of design has always been a very high priority for HTC. When we met with Beats, we were very impressed with their knowledge and technology in the area," he said.

"The team at Beats really understands music, and really understands the music experience. With this strategy and this investment, we are able to bring the best people from two sides to make a very deep integration of Beats technology in the software, and the hardware.

"This is a great opportunity to take the mobile experience to the next step. Smartphones are very powerful. It makes it easier than ever to enjoy music but the sound quality hasn’t caught up yet. This is an opportunity for us to provide great sound quality."

If you think that HTC is missing a beat by focusing on sound then consider the fact that Beats has sold 8 million headphones in just 3 years and uncovered a market that Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine said previously wasn't there.

"When we started Beats, people told us that no one cares about sound....[But] we’ve completely penetrated headphone sales between 12 and 20 years old," he said.

"We brought it to them with culture, but it made them realise that quality matters. You’ll find that over the next few months, all phone companies will upgrade their sound quality. HTC will be first."

The Beats deal, confirmed by Chou as being worth the $300 million for a 51 per cent stake as reported, is a big one for HTC. It is tapping into a well established brand that not only sells well but has an ethos of cool that kids seem mad for.

And, with smartphones fast becoming status symbols as wearable technology - it looks like being a smart move too.

There was no word on any specific handsets, but we wouldn't expect the official announcements to be a long way off. Watch this space....(or should that be listen carefully?)

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